Here Comes Tsukishima Jinbei
Episode 1
Kanji 月島仁兵衛 いざ参る!!!
Rōmaji Tsukishima Jinbei Iza Mairu!!!
Air Date April 8, 2013
Chapter(s) 1, 2, 3
Opening Tomoyo
Ending Ichizu
← N/A Episode 2
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Here Comes Tsukishima Jinbei!!! (月島仁兵衛 いざ参る!!!, Tsukishima Jinbei Iza Mairu!!!) is Episode 1 of the Mushibugyo anime series.


Tsukishima Jinbei arrives at Edo to answer the summon of his father by the Mushi Magistrate. However, just before introducing himself to his new co-workers, he must fight to protect his new friend Haru from one of the Mushi, giant insects that terrorize the country.


Characters In Order of AppearanceEdit

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Manga & Anime DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, Kotori Matsunohara traveled with Jinbei Tsukishime to Edo, but they got separated; in the anime, Kotori and Jinbei haven't met until Jinbei comes to Edo.


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