"Always be ready for a fight"
— Jinbei catch phrases

Jinbei Tsukishima
Jinbei Tsukishima anime
Biographical Information
Kanji 月島仁兵衛
Rōmaji Tsukishima Jinbei
Also Known As Potato-Boy (by Mugai)
Physical Description
Age 16-26 (Birthday- February 1- Aquarius)
Gender Male
Height 165cm (5'4")
Family Genjuurou Tsukishima (father)
Kanae (mother) (deceased)
Oharu (Wife)
Hibachi (Wife)
Kuroageha (Wife)
Nine Unnamed Children
Occupation Constable
Affiliation Mushibugyo
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (mushibugyo)
Chapter 1 (Jōjū Senjin!!)
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyū KENN (Japanese)
Bryce Papenbrook (English)
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Jinbei Tsukishima (月島仁兵衛, Tsukishima Jinbé) is a constable of Mushibugyo. He is the main character of Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo. When he was younger, Jinbei's father deliberately disables his own leg in order to take Jinbei's punishment in his place. This is something Jinbei constantly feels guilty over, and thus decides to become the new member of Mushibugyo in order to appease his father and make him proud.


Jinbei is fair-skinned young boy of somewhat short statue and lean-built. He has large blue eyes and black hair. Noticeably, most of his hair is straight and chin-length, framing his face, while the rest is tied in a high ponytail, reaching his ankles. His most noticeable trait is small horizontal scar running across the bridge of his nose. He is usually seen wearing a traditional samurai attire consisting of a hakama with a white under shirt, red robe that shifts into white at the hem and edge of the sleeves, and blue pants. He also wears simple sandals without tabi. He is almost always seen with his sword, a standard katana.

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Jinbei is a carefree, hot-blooded person who is always ready for a fight. Due to his courage, bravery, and kindness, he has earned the affection from many girls in the story without him knowing it, (Oharu, Hibachi, Kuroageha, and Irori). Jinbei is also shown to be a very passionate and honest person. Jinbei is shown to show great trust toward anyone even to some people who seem to be the enemy.

Like his father, he feels visibly flustered around large-breasted ladies like Oharu, something that incites Kuroageha's distaste.


In his past life, Jinbei was once a God, and when Jinbei traveled to a village where it never rained. The villagers were praying to the God's to bring them rain despite the heat. When Jinbei was in the village, he met a young girl who resemble Kuroageha, but had black hair and was praying along with everyone. Jinbei always hear them praying, but didn't know what to do because he didn't know what kind of God he was. The young girl notices Jinbei and asks him to pray along with them. When he prayed it rained on the village.

The girl told everyone that it was all thanks to Jinbei(God). Jinbei was experiencing happiness for the first time like he was a newborn until a feudal lord started to raid the village for unknown reason and killed all the villagers even the girl. Jinbei felt anger for the first time and died holding a grudge. Jinbei was then reborn into a human baby to two great samurai warrior of Japan Genjuurou Tsukishima and Kanae which he was taught by his father the way of the samurai with their family sword style.

When Jinbei was younger, Jinbei was playing with a lord's son when a bug appeared and attacked them. The
Younger Jinbei protecting the lord son

Jinbei protects the lord's son.

lord's son soiled himself though his guard was there. The lord was furious with the embarassment of his son, that he blamed Jinbei and was going to sentence Jinbei to jail.Yet Jinbei's father, Genjuurou, protected his son from going to jail by taking responsibility and severing the ligament in his own foot causing him to be no longer able to walk. Now Jinbei arrives in Edo to join the bug hunting organization, insect magistrate Mushibugyo, as the new member in place of his father. He also has a secret power that sleeps within his body. Though it is speculated it may be a strange effect from a piece of the insect magistrate's hair, since a piece of her hair was found in his mouth after his transformation or Inherited it from his father, who also can turn into a fox mode.


Introduction ArcEdit

Back at his village, Jinbei started his morning training which annoyed his people due to being too early. Kotori travels all the way to Jinbei's village to request his father Genjuurou Tsukishima to join the Mushibugyo, but Genjuurou rejected the offer due to his bad leg, Genjuurou offers his son to take his place, which Jinbei happily accepts and so does the villagers (to get rid of his morning training), but Kotori didn't say that he will take him. During the night, Kotori found Jinbei training again and asked him why he wanted to train so hard, to which Jinbei explained to him about his past which touched Kotori and decided to let him join. As they left the village, they encounter a large bear which Jinbei gets rid of without harming him and continued they journey to Edo.

Jinbei then managed to arrive in Edo, but got separated from Kotori and got lost in the town and was depressed that no one helped him, but then Jinbei meets a young girl named Oharu. Later on, Oharu took Jinbei to
Jinbei meet Haru

Jinbei depress

her family tea shop the Four Seasons and told him everything she knows about the Mushibugyo and her parents, when Oharu was taking Jinbei to the Mushibugyo office, they heard a scream to which Jinbei ran in to see what happen, but to his shock, he found a man being eaten by a Roof Prison Spider, Jinbei tried to attack, but was knocked out and the spider escaped. Later, Jinbei was found by Kotori who told him that he was looking everywhere for him.

Local men appear and told Jinbei that Oharu was attacked and kidnapped by a spider. Jinbei rushes in and fights
Jinbei killed the giant spider

Jinbei kills Roof Prison Spider to save Haru.

the spider and tries to save her life. Jinbei puts up a good fight, but he doesn't have an advantage due to him being stuck in the web. As he is about to be killed, he is saved by the Mushibugyo. As the spider tries to kill Oharu, Jinbei jumps in and saves her life and kills the spider, impressing the most of the Mushibugyo, but then, the queen of the Roof Prsion Spiders came and was about to kill Jinbei, but he was saved by Mushibugyo's strongest member, Mugai, who amazed Jinbei. Afterwards, Jinbei joins the Mushibugyo by Kotori's doing and, unknowingly to him, earned the affection of Oharu.

Hibachi ArcEdit

After joining the Mushibugyo, Jinbei had helped almost each memebers with their mission or problems, but unfortunately Jinbei wasn't allowed to draw his sword for only a month due to many new members who joins
Jinbei and Hibachi bonding

Jinbei and Hibachi bond over Mugai

Mushibugyo before him, died from the Mushi attack. Jinbei was upset and angry due to this rule, but had to go along with it for now and find out Hibachi with her mission to see if any Mushi has been attacking, during this time, Hibachi was arguing with Jinbei about Mugai and wanted to impressed Mugai, later Hibachi revealed why she looked up to Mugai and her family history, but later they bonded over Mugai, but later punch him thinking Jinbei was tricking her. When they hear a scream coming from the forest, they ran towards the source where they found two people and a dead horse by the river.

Hibachi knew what was going on and told Jinbei to protect the people and then a Aoonlyama Demon Dragonfly
Hibachi caught naked by Jinbei

Jinbei sees Hibachi naked.

 appear and was about to attack the Mushibugyo. When Hibachi was failing to kill the Dragonfly, Jinbei came in to help her despite her not wanting his help, but Jinbei manger to convince Hibachi to help her to defeat the Dragonfly which they work together and killed the Dragonfly without drawing his sword. Later when they went to Kotori office, Kotori ask them if Jinbei draw his sword, but Hibachi said he didn't, implying that she was growing to like him even telling him what's the name of her family ninja style.

Shungiku ArcEdit

Later Jinbei is seen training to cut a boulder, but couldn't, then Shungiku came back drunk, hit himself at the boulder which anger him to cut it to many pieces which amaze Jinbei. Jinbei ask Shungiku if he could train him to
Jinbei walking by Shungiku side as his student

Jinbei walking by Shungiku side as his student

cut like that, later Shungiku was walking down the street which Jinbei was following him as a student would do, but then the town folks start bad mouthing Shungiku and start hitting him with rocks and manger to hit as well, Jinbei refuse to move away because he considered Shungiku as his teacher and refuse to leave him which surprised Shungiku. Later they saw a giant cut at a band and people were thinking that Shungiku could have done it, but Shungiku told Jinbei that he wouldn't steal, but he would kill. Later the next night, Jinbei was eating at the Four Seasons when he hear some screaming and rush to the location where he found Shungiku next to the slice wall while holding a bloody sword.

The next day, Shungiku was out in jail due to not telling anyone what had happen. Jinbei, who beleive that
Jinbei defend Shungiku

Jinbei defends Shungiku.

Shungiku is innocent due to telling that he wouldn't steal, try to break him out. When Jinbei was in the jail, he try to cut the wooden bar with a saw and told Shungiku that if he is innocent then is okay to break the rule which surprised Shungiku. Shungiku ask Jinbei to give him his saw and used it to cut the wooded bar and set himself free and they ran away. While they were running away, the police found them and were about to kill Shungiku for escaping but Jinbei try to defend Shungiku saying he wouldn't steal but then one of the police were cut by a giant mantis called a Oogatana Kamakiri - Bladed Mantis. Shungiku try to kill the bug but was slice by another cop due to wanting to avenger his friend from the past, but Jinbei stop him and told the police that his sin was in the past and now his sword is protecting them.

Jinbei went to help Shungiku to kill the bug when another Bladed Mantis came and they combined they skill to kill those Bladed Mantis and saved the town, the police ran away and still hated Shungiku. When Jinbei see what's
Jinbei having fun with Shungiku

Jinbei having fun with Shungiku

inside the Mantis, it was filled with golds. Shungiku explain that those Mantis were the one who were stealing golds but Jinbei question him why he didn't say anything to anyone but to Shungiku embarrassment, he reveal that he was there because a dog chase him there and that he didn't like dog, and the first thing he grab was a bloody sword, Shungiku told him that no one will believe him if he told them that, but to Shungiku shock, Jinbei believed him. The two later were having some drink at a local place having fun and they bond grew stronger.

Tenma ArcEdit

When the Mushibugyo team kill off another bug, the team resten at night while Jinbei continue to his training until he hear a scream coming from Tenma room and rush there to help him. When Jinbei got there, it turns out that
Jinbei moved by Tenma will

Jinbei moved by Tenma will

Tenma was screaming at a bug and that he was reveal that Tenma has a fear of bugs. Tenma reveals to Jinbei that Tenma want to fight his fear to make his parents proud, Jinbei was touch by his story and wanted to help him. When Jinbei was training with Tenma to get rid of his fear of bugs, Hibachi and Shungiku came in and give Tenma a bag of bugs which scared him. Tenma thought that Jinbei told them and ran away, Jinbei yelled at Hibachi and Shungiku for what they had done and that samurai shouldn't act that way where someone was trying to make they parents proud.

Jinbei went after Tenma to find him, but found Tenma with a kid happy that the kid look up to Tenma which made Jinbei happy. Oharu came rushing to Jinbei and told him that another Mushi came to attack the city. The Mushibugyo rush to where the bugs is and to Tenma's shock, it was a giant centipede called a Senzoku Mukade - Thousand-Legged Centipede which Tenma feared the most. While fighting the bug, Jinbei try to encourage Tenma to fight the bug but when Hibachi and Shungiku told Tenma that Jinbei didn't tell them but overheard what he said, Tenma got enough courage to sent the centipede flying asthe rest sliced it up. Thanks to Jinbei's help, Tenma is coming okay with small bugs but still show fear to them.

Mugai ArcEdit

Later that night, Jinbei was summon by Kotori and told him that Mugai choice him as his partner on the next mission which he was happy and excited to hear. Jinbei later told Oharu about this and the next day went to a lord
Jinbei helping someone

Jinbei helping someone

house to help them with a giant flea problem. During they visited, Jinbei befriended a young worker and found out where the flea are, when a flea appear, it was a Oohitonomi - Giant Flea and Jinbei manager to slice one, but then turns out there are more than just one and the male parents appear, Mugai took control of these fleas but they later hear another flea attack happen at the other side of the house and it was the female. Jinbei wanted to go and help them but Mugai told Jinbei that he was too weak to face them, Jinbei was surprised but took it as a worry from Mugai and told him he will be okay which surprised Mugai.

When Jinbei ran toward the female flea, he found the young worker Jinbei met before and he was under attack by the female flea which is much bigger than the rest. Jinbei try fighting and slicing at the bug but the female's shell
Giant Flea sucking Jinbei blood

Jinbei blood being drain

was too strong to cut through. If Jinbei was to take a hit, it will drain him of his blood. When the female flea was about to attack the young worker, Jinbei got in the way and saved the worker but was hit by the flea resulting in his blood to be drained. When Mugai ran to the scene he was shocked to see Jinbei's blood being drained yet still was able to move. Jinbei told Mugai that he was upset that he wasn't able to work to Mugai's expectations but Mugai smiled and told him that he didn't have any expectations for him and killed the female flea saving Jinbei. The lord thanked Mugai and Jinbei for they help and they walk away. Jinbei asked why Mugai picked him if he didn't have any expectations to which Mugai smiled secretly and told him that he had forgotten the reason leading Jinbei to be confused.

Nagatomi ArcEdit

Later that night, Jinbei and Hibachi were arguing as to which was the best quailty about Mugai. During their argument, a
Jinbei with Nagatomi

Jinbei with Nagatomi

mysterious masked person was sneaking inside the Mushibuygo office, but they soon spotted him and took him to Kotori. The person revealed that his name was Nagatomi and he was sneaking in to find the information that Mushibugyo was holding. Nagatomi told them that there was nothing more important than knowledge, which annoyed Hibachi who ended up removing his mask revealing a handsome man behind the mask. He got angry at Hibachi for removing the mask. Kotori ordered Jinbei to take Nagatomi to his home which Jinbei agree too.

While taking Nagatomi home, Jinbei ask Nagatomi where his home is and how to get there, but Nagatomi refused to tell him and told Jinbei that he think that Jinbei think he is stupid and walks away. When Nagatomi was under attack by a Yabuka - Night Mosquito, Jinbei came in and try to save Nagatomi, but the Mosquito was too quick to land a attack on it but after Jinbei told Nagatomi that he believes that Nagatomi is smart enough to stop the Mushi which touchs Nagatomi and helped Jinbei. After using some item to make the Mosquito weaker, Jinbei land a finishing move and killed the Mushi, Jinbei and Nagatomi toss a party with the Mushibugyo and Nagatomi decided to invent everyday to see Jinbei.

Mitsuki ArcEdit

When a ton of Mushi keep appearing at Edo more often, Jinbei was order by Kori to get a break due to working too
Jinbei being seduces by Mitsuki

Jinbei being seduced by Mitsuki

excessively. While Jinbei was walking, he found a woman crying and saying she is lost. Jinbei offer her help to find her place which she was happy (unknown to Jinbei that's the women is Mitsuki, Mugai old friend who want to steal information from him.) While walking on a bridged, they saw Mugai walking as well but Mitsuki put a eel on her to avoid meeting Mugai and toss a ton of eel into a lake which Jinbei jump to get them. Later Jinbei took Mitsuki walking but then they met Oharu and they talk for
Mitsuki kicks Jinbei

Enraged Mitsuki kicks Jinbei in the face.

a bit, but then water landed on Oharu and Jinbei offer her his clothes to dry, Mitsuki seeing that Oharu is taking Jinbei away from her, she put water on her but got mad when Jinbei offer his underwear and kicks him in the face. The next day, while Jinbei walk to the Four Season, Jinbei found out that Oharu was kidnapped and Mitsuki revealed to Jinbei that she kidnapped Oharu and told him to met her in the outside of the town.

Jinbei did as Mitsuki told him but when he got there, Mitsuki asked him to tell her where is the Insect Magistrate, but Jinbei told Mitsuki that he doesn't know a Insect Magistrate which made Mitsuki and took Jinbei below the sand where Oharu is being keep. Jinbei rush towards Oharu to save her and fighting off Mushi as Mitsuki was keep summoning. Once Jinbei got Haur, he try to find the way out but the only exit was top but then building were falling down and Jinbei decided to use them as a way to climb out.

As they climbed on the building, one of the buildings fell on Oharu but Jinbei came in the right time and saved her from this fate which surprised Mitsuki. Once Jinbei and Oharu got out of the hole, Jinbei told Mitsuki that he know that she was being forced to do this thing which made Mitsuki mad for being an idiot and ran off.

Kuroageha ArcEdit

During his time with the Insect Magistrate, he gains good relationships with all the members of the Insect Magistrate. He then later is tasked along with  the members of the Insect Magistrate to help protect the Mushibugyo, who is the overall leader of the Insect Magistrate since the Insect Hunters are there to kill her. With Hibachi, Jinbei goes to where the Mushibugyo is, but falls off of Hibachi and lands inside the house.

Jinbei encounters the Mushibugyo, who he thinks is the servant of the Mushibugyo. They talk for a while and the
Kuroageha worry over Jinbei

Kuroageha saddened over Jinbei's "death".

Insect Hunters commence the attack on her. The Mushibugyo fights back, but is interrupted when Jinbei tries to protect her. As the fight is going on, she is thinking that he is with the Insect Hunters and she asks him. Before she gets a response, Jinbei is hit in the face by the leader of the Insect Hunters. He gets up once more and uses Tsukishima Style: Mount Fuji Counter. He tells the Mushibugyo, unknown to him that she is the leader of the Insect Magistrate, to escape and that together, they will see the skies of Edo. The Mushibugyo ultimately develops feelings for Jinbei and Jinbei is killed quickly by Purgatory's Spear Technique. The Mushibugyo is angry with Jinbei's death and fights the Insect Hunters. She has the upperhand in most of the fight, but the Insect Hunters take away her power. She soon learns that Jinbei is still alive, but barely. As the Insect Hunters try to kill Jinbei, he is saved by Mugai.

The Mushibugyo starts to carry him on her back when she was seperated by
Jinbei Slash Sougan

Demon Fox Mode Jinbei vs. Sougan (Round 2).

the Insect Magistrate. As she is carring him, Jinbei's face shows him smiling,  and his eyes pure white. He has cat-like ears on top of his head and his hair turned white. Later on, he regains consciousness, but he turns into a blood lusting monster and kills Sougan. Jinbei then fights the Insect Hunters and gains the upperhand for most of the fight. Unknown to him, the Mushibugyo is about to be killed and he heard her  scream. He turns back to normal saves the Mushibugyo. He then falls asleep afterwards as the Insect Magistrate and the Mushibugyo go back to Edo after the Insect Hunters withdrawled from the battle.

Ten Crucifix Insects and Kishuu ArcEdit

Jinbei training

Jinbei training with his father.

After they save Kuroageha, Jinbei goes to train with his father to learn new techniques. He later learns a new technique, Tsukishima Style: Mount Fuji Hammer. After returning home, Jinbei finds himself against an insect-man. Using his new technique, he easily defeats the Insect-man. Later, Kuroageha asks Jinbei to accompany her and Oooka to Kishuu, so she can have her powers returned to her. During the mission, they are attacked by the Insect-Man Jinpachi. Jinbei tells Kuroageha and Oooka to leave so that they can enter into Kishuu. Jinbei starts to fight against Jinpachi and it seems that they are equal in strength and power.

But, Jinbei starts to overwhelm Jinpachi and defeats him using Tsukishima Style: Mount Fuji Strike. He later catches up to Kuroageha and Oooka and they enter into a village, As they enter, they a wanted poster of
Jinbei carrying Kuroageha

Jinbei carrying the blushing Kuroageha.

themselves. Then, they are attacked and captured by  villagers. Later, the Rokurou Pair shows up with Irori and threatens to kill her. Jinbei rushes out and saves the little girl. Oooka shows up beside Jinbei and they both fight against the Rokourou Pair. While Jinbei and Oooka are fighting, the villagers now understand that they are not bad people. As one of the Rokurou Pair tries to kill the village leader and Irori, Jinbei jumps in and saves their life. He later defeats one of them using Tsukishima Style: Mount Fuji Hammer and Oooka defeats the other,
Jinbei using Mount Fuji Hammer

Jinbei defeats Jinpachi with his newest technique, Tsukishima Style: Mount Fuji Hammer.

completely annihilating the Rokourou Pair.

The villagers are happy with their heroes and unknown to Jinbei, earns the affection of another girl: Irori. Soon,
Jinbei and Kuroageha holding hand

Jinbei holds the flustered Kuroageha's hand.

Jinbei and they gang later encounter Hibachi. Later, the Insect Magistrate joins up together and takes a break. Kuroageha encounters Jinbei and the two are later seen beside a lake. Kuroageha and Jinbei share a quick romantic moment to Kuroageha's perspective, and the Insect Magistrate shows up and ruins the mood. Tommorow morning, Jinbei and the gang encounter Sanada Yukimura and the Ten Crucifix Insects. The Insect Magistrate later tries to go to Sanada Yukimura, but Jinbei gets lost and has a fateful encounter with Jinpachi, except they are in his territory: water. Jinbei gets into a fight with Jinpachi and Jinpachi drags the samurai into the water. Since the water is too dense, Jinbei had a little trouble fighting against Jinpachi, but he uses Tsukishima Style: Mount Fuji Hammer to get rid of all the water, while giving crippling damage to Jinpachi. Later, Jinpachi reveals his true self and engages Jinbei once again, using Water God's Army, using the water as large drills to attack the samurai. Jinbei takes a critial blow by it and falls down. Jinpachi tries to finish off Jinbei, but Jinbei uses Tsukishima Style: Mount Fuji Storm, to send the attack back at Jinpachi. Jinpachi then rises high into the air and Jinbei, who uses the water, propels himself upward and uses Tsukishima Style: Mount Fuji's Rising Dragon. Jinbei defeats and kills Jinpachi and he encounters the
Jinbei perfoms the Mt.Fuji storm

Jinbei defeats Jinpachi with Mount Fuji's Rising Dragon.

weakened Hibachi and the leader of the Ten Crucifix Insects, Saizou Kirigakure. It turns out that Jinbei was caught in an illusion from Saizou and that Hibachi wasn't in a weakened state.

Jinbei later watches a fight between Hibachi and Saizou. The young samurai later praises Hibachi's skills and techniques, making her blush in embarrassment. Jinbei is again caught into an illusion and is trying to fight his way out of it. Hibachi gets Jinbei back to his senses and helps Hibachi defeat Saizou. Later, he catches up with the rest of the Magistrate along with Hibachi, and they make their way up to Sanada Yukimura. Further, he watches Tenma's fight with Justice and encourages him during the fight. He witnesses Tenma defeat Justice and praises the young boy's strength. He later goes up with Oooka and tells him that he will fight Yukimura, but Oooka says that that's wrong and that he must go protect Kuroageha.

Eventually, Jinbei accepts the fact that Oooka will fight Yukimura and that he will go protect Kuroageha. He later finds her by jumping down into a hole where she was. He talks with a delighted Kuroageha, but Yukimura arrives.
Jinbei hugging Kuroageha

Jinbei comforts Kuroageha.

Yukimura tells Jinbei that he killed Oooka, but Jinbei doesn't believe him and engages into a fight with him,  Although impressed with his strength, Yukimura easily defeats Jinbei while Kuroageha goes into the well to get her powers back. Jinbei jumps in, knowing that when she does get her powers back, she will forget her memories. Jinbei eventually catches up to Kuroageha and  he sees her bad memories. She starts to cry, but Jinbei cheers her up, saying that he'll stand by her side to protect her.

He convinces her to not get her powers because she will lose her memories. Jinbei and Kuroageha go back up the well, and sees that Yukimura is still there. Suddenly, Mugai appears and tells Jinbei to take Kuroageha and get out of here. Jinbei listens to him and him and Kuroageha tries to escape. They soon find the exit and try to escape, but Yukimura appears once again and defeats Jinbei. They later go back to the well, and Jinbei sees Kuroageha go back into the well, risking on losing her memories so that Jinbei doesn't die. He starts to fight Yukimura, but Mugai appears and he starts fighting, gaining the upper hand.  But as he is watching, he gets stabbed by Kuroageha.

After he is stabbed, he falls out, but he's still alive. He and the other Insect Magistrate members fight against Yukimura. All of their attacks seems to be ineffective. Then, Jinbei gets a very devastating and fatal blow from Yukimura and passes out, Later, he wakes up, but in his Demon Fox Mode. As he is fighting Yukimura, in which they seem to be evenly matched, he keeps hearing a voice in his head that says, :Kill them!" Mugai asks him what the hell he is doing and then he starts fighting Yukimura. Jinbei watches in awe and amazement with Mugai fighting against Yukimura. Seeing this allows him to control his Demon Fox Mode and he faces off against Kuroageha.

After a small brawl, he is finally able to bring back Kuroageha to her senses, but due to the fact that he was touching her in order to do so, he passed out once again. As his friends are fighting against Yukimura, the
Jinbei finish Sanada

Jinbei defeats Sanada with Mount Fuji's Meteor Drop.

unconscious Jinbei gets attacked by a shockwave sent by Yukimura. In the nick of time, Jinbei wakes up and still in his Demon Fox Mode, fights against Yukimura. As he is fighting, the rest of his comrades are seen cheering him on, along with all of the citizens of Kishuu. Jinbei uses Tsukishima Style: Mount Fuji Storm to raise Yukimura high into the air. He then uses Tsukishima Style: Mount Fuji's Rising Dragon to send himself even higher than Yukimura. Finally, his lastest and last attack, Tsukishima Style: Mount Fuji's Meteor Drop defeats and kills Yukimura. He later goes onto the ship along with the rest of the members of the Insect Magistate and goes back to Edo.


Despite being the second weakest of the Mushibugyo, Jinbei is still very powerful comparing to that of a normal human, and could lift rocks that are twice his size, and can still have energy to fight off giant bugs later in the day. Jinbei is training to master his family swordmen style, the Tsukishima Style, which he gains more proficiency in as the series progresses, at times surpassing most of his peers.

Demon Fox Mode: Tsukishima has a hidden power that turns him into a blood lusting monster which only activates when he is on the brink of death. This power does not change his entire body, but it does give him an immense boost in physical strength, durability, speed, flight, and the ability to manipulate his hair at will. When activated, nearly 3/4 of his hair turns white, he gains fox-like ears, and his eyes turn pure white. Unknown what caused or triggered it at first, it's likely to have something to do with the Insect Magistrate's hair being on him since she found a single strand of her hair in his mouth after he turned back and fell asleep.

When activated, Jinbei easily defeated many Mushikari which some Mushibugyo couldn't defeat. It was later revealed that this power was inherited from his mother, who had some past connections with the insect hunters, and only activates when he is on the brink of death and has come in contact with the eternal insect or someone who has obtained its power. After Jinbei fully control the ability, Jinbei became one of the strongest member of the Mushibugyo.


Jinbei vs. Roof Prison Spider - Win

Jinbei vs. Insect Hunters (Round 1) - Loss

(Fox Mode) Jinbei  vs. Insect Hunters (Round 2) - Win

Jinbei vs. Sarutobi Sasuke - Win

Jinbei vs. Jinpachi (Round 1) - Win

Jinbei and Oooka vs. Rokourou Pair - Win

Jinbei vs Jinpachi (Round 2) - Win



Oharu was the first one to greet Jinbei when he came to Edo. In episode 1, he saved her life from the bugs in Edo and she has had affection for him ever since. 


Ever since Mugai protected him, Jinbei looked up to him. Jinbei wanted to have more power in order to pay him back for saving his life. While originally, Mugai found Jinbei as irrelevant and easily replaceable, upon seeing his resolve to protect, sense of duty, and fairly more capable skill then originally perceived, Mugai has developed some levels of respect, even smiling lightly about it, but doesn't admit it to anyone.

Shungiku KoikawaEdit

Unlike most of Edo, Jinbei does not fear Shungiku despite his infamous reputation, rather has tremendous respect for him. Since witnessing Shungiku's superb sword-skills, Jinbei has desired to perfect his slashing abilites to the same level. While originally finding Jinbei annoying, Shungiku has since warmed-up to him thanks to his unyielding faith and loyalty. After seeing the attractive Oharu's obvious affection for Jinbei, Shungiku has gained a new level of respect for the young samurai.


Hibachi and Jinbei both look up to Mugai and hope to get stronger to pay him back. Recently she has begun to show very small amounts of jealousy whenever Jinbei is around other women. Later, in episode 19, it is shown that she wants to fight for him, so he can see her true style of fighting. In the anime, it shows that she has an attraction towards Jinbei as she blushes in the show.


At first, Kuroageha paid no attention to Jinbei, but after he nearly sacrificed his life trying to protect her from the Insect Hunters, she began to take a greater interest in him. After the incident, she has shown feelings for Jinbei and it has been growing further into love. The reason as to why Jinbei never attacked Kuroageha in his Demon Fox Mode was that she resemble a young girl in his past life thus refuses to harm her.


She meets Jinbei when she was in trouble with the Rokorou pair. After Jinbei protects and saves her life, she develops a crush on him, as shown in episode 17.


  • Despite initially being considered the "weakest" in terms of bug-slaying, he has been shown to posses superhuman strength, lifting and swinging enormous weights as part of his morning routine.
  • Jinbei is shown to be a morning person.
  • Jinbei has four girls that are in love with him and those are Oharu, Hibachi, Kuroageha, and Irori.
  • Jinbei "hidden powers" were revealed in different ways, in anime he got the power from his mother, but in manga, he got this power from his past life.


  • "If we are frightened, the people behind us will be, as well."
  • "Always be ready for a fight!"



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