Insects Hunters past
The Mushikari (translated to Insect Hunters) are a group of mercenaries who slay insects for a living. The leader of the group was Mugai but after he left the group his older brother is the leader. Thier main goal is to kill the Mushibugyo.

Group StrengthEdit

The Mushikari have been shown to be stronger then most of the members of the Mushibugyo and most of them can keep up with Mugai without being killed.


Mushikari Leader Mitsuki portal Gaikotsu Mushikari Manako
Mushikari Leader Mitsuki Gaikotsu Manako
Mushikari Kuroganemaru Mushikari Sougan Mushikari Mashiro Mushikari Kaina
Kuroganemaru Sougan Mashiro Kaina
Mushikari Shidou


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