The Tsukishima Style (Tsukishima-Ryu) is the famous Swordmanship style created by Jinbei's father Genjuurou Tsukishima. In addition to various standard battle stances and basic technique, Genjuurou also created 36 legendary techniques. The only other known practitioner of this is Jinbei himself, while having learned all its basic technique, Jinbei has only learned one of the 36 advanced technique and began to comprehend a second technique, but strongly desires to learn all the techniques and wishes to fully master this style. Jinbei's mother Kanae, has also learned at least one of these techniques from copying Genjuurou in battle. It was revealed that Genjuurou father was the one who invented the Tsukishima Style. Jinbei seems to have also taught himself many techniques in the style, whether these techniques were learned from his father or are truly self taught have yet to be seen in either adaptation.


Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji Splitter: One uses their sword for a simple strong downward slash. 

Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji Strike: The user strikes using the bottom of their sword's handle for a blunt force attack, making very devastating blow. 

Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji Storm( Haburashi) :One uses their sword to read the flow of the opponent's strike and knocks it back at them with a strong gale such as a vortex.

Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji's Rising Dragon ( Momo-Ryo) : One uses the water to propel himself at his enemy and strikes using his sword's handle. This technique is similar to Mount Fuji Strike, but uses water to increase the speed and power of the strike. The variation is instead of the swords handle, it uses the force of the several waterspouts resembling dragons, generating by swinging the sword where there's a water source like rain.

Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji Counter: The user counter's the opponent's attack with an attack of his own.

Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji Hammer: (Tetsuharu) The user does a downward slash attack that doesn't slash the opponent, but crushes them. The attack is so powerful that on impact, it lets out a strong shockwave and small crater resembling the shape of a round mallet imprint.

Tsukishima Style - Mount Fuji Meteor Drop (Shinseki Okoshi) :A forward thrust downward while falling from high in the sky, followed by an over the shoulder swing of the sword, with such great force that it appears to be one or more falling meterorites.


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